30 January, 2014


Hello there!

It's been awhile since my last post. Just created my own Facebook Page since I'm always on Facebook compared to other social media.

I guess that's the reality we all have to face nowadays. *sighs*

31 January, 2013

Page 11

Mr. Sir, 2013. Galaxy Note 10.1

Here's a sketch from a Drink & Draw session with some of my buddies last night. 

03 January, 2013

Page 10: Happy New Year 2013

New Year, New Book, 2013. Digital

Drew this just before the New Year's Eve but only got around to posting it today. Happy New Year everyone!

14 December, 2012

Page 9: Color Study

 Inferno Footprints, 2012. Digital

Quick color study of snow since it's almost Christmas. I really miss my childhood days playing in the snow and coming home to a fireplace :(

12 December, 2012