14 December, 2012

Page 9: Color Study

 Inferno Footprints, 2012. Digital

Quick color study of snow since it's almost Christmas. I really miss my childhood days playing in the snow and coming home to a fireplace :(

12 December, 2012

08 December, 2012

Page 6: More Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 Sketches

Rooster, 2012.  S-Note, Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1

Page 5: Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 Sketches

Untitled, 2012.  S-Note, Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1

I've always wanted a 24" Wacom Cintiq but looking at the expensive price tag, anybody would think twice. Then this gadget came along, Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1. I was sceptical at first thinking that it is just another tablet. But after trying out the demo unit, I was hooked. 

To me, it's like a portable Wacom Cintiq for only a fraction of the cost. It does take a bit of time to get used to it, though.

I will post more sketches I did with the Galaxy Note 10.1 later on. 

Page 4 : Look me in the eye!

Semata (Cyclops), 2012.  Pencil on paper, 11 x 8.5 in

Concept for my personal pet project. Sorry for the bad pic since this was taken with my phone because I don't have a scanner at home. I'll be buying a scanner soon though. 

07 December, 2012

Page 3 : Pencak Silat, Harimau & A Malay Girl

Harimau (Tiger), 2012.  Mixed media on paper, 5.5 x 8.5 in

A Malay girl holding a Keris & white tiger, 2012.  Mixed media on paper, 5.5 x 8.5 in

Tiger Study, 2012.  Ballpoint pen on paper, 5.5 x 8.5 in

Pencak Silat Study, 2012.  Color pencil on paper, 5.5 x 8.5 in

06 December, 2012

Page 2 : Tuah (Revisited)

Tuah (revisited), 2012.  Mixed media on paper, 5.5 x 8.5 in
(  Edited: Decided to add a hint of red marker :P )

This piece was based on one of my old comic which was publish in a local magazine back in 2008. I had a blast with this character. Below is one of the pages from the comic. It was a one-shot 8-page comic.

I hope to do some more comics or art with this character one day. 

Tuah : Jebat's Aftermath
KOMIKOO, Published 2008.
Adobe Photoshop / Wacom Graphire 3

Page 1 : Sketchbook Scavenger

Vulture, 2012.  Pen, ink, graphite on brown paper, 19.5 x 26.5 cm

I've decided to start this blog dedicated to only my sketches, drawings and doodles which I would try my best to update at least once a week.